The life of Boomer. Video production for Banger — a blockchain-powered gaming platform


Banger is a gaming platform and community powered by blockchain that provides users with an array of earning possibilities in multiple games through one global gaming currency.


Create a series of marketing videos for the launch of the site with the original mascot — Boomer.

case type

Creative production, video production


In order to interest the audience, you need to know what they look like, what they love and what they live by. Have you ever thought about it? It’s okay, the DAMNN! team will think for you. And you can watch the process.

For the project, we decided to re-model the character, since the model of the previous character was not adapted for complex animation. Our character’s name is Boomer — a game bomb that represents a gamer and the token of the technology itself.

To fully reveal the image of a real gamer, we decided to highlight the main emotions that gamers feel when they play games: win, flame and ready to fight.

Boomer is not just a mascot, he is a living character who rejoices in winning a difficult match, is angry at his teammates and fearlessly rushes into battle.

A real gamer needs a real gamer’s room. It has everything: a powerful computer, a suitable light, awards and, of course, different geeky elements. Take a closer look and you will see that the poster on the Boomer’s wall refers to the game “Red Dead Redemption 2”.

Then we connected the environment to the character.
The Boomer liked the room, so it was possible to start animating each emotion.

The computer is buzzing, headphones are on, the backlight is on, Boomer has taken the most comfortable position, so let the game begin!

our team

Gary Yankovich


Egor Aniferyk

Creative Producer

Edgar Davey

Art Director & VFX

Pavel Abadouski

Concept Artist

Pavel Ivuts

3D artist

Sergey Yakimets

Rig & Animation

Katsia Dziatlova

Project Manager

Artsem Bautrukevich


Dmitry Sudar

Sound Designer