The World of Traders. WebGL development for Byte Trading — an algorithmic market maker in digital assets


Byte trading is an algorithmic market maker in digital assets. It creates liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized exchanges.


Create a website with interactive WebGL 3D technology to promote Byte Trading Brand in highly competitive industry. First of all, it should be fun.

case type

Creative production, WebGL production


Well, sit down, I’ll tell you how we made this happen!

Almost immediately, our team had a common vision of the concept: we will make a website experience where the user will need to immerse himself in a world full of references to Wall Street and the culture of Traders. But how to do it so that the user plunges into this world? hmm… an interesting task!

We decided to make a website in the form of a building (why not?), where the user will walk with us from the reception desk to the roof with a helipad, studying all aspects of the life of Byte Traders on each floor. And the interactive WebGL technology will help us in this!

Level 1 — Welcome to the Byte Street.

Welcome! Here is our world, full of city bustle and life.

In this world, everything is like in the present: people rush to work, chat with friends, drink delicious coffee, read the news and, of course, everything is constantly being repaired. It’s Byte Street!

Our world consists of a large number of references to The Boys, Wall Street, local jokes of traders such as plumbing from Wall Street, NY subway, popular newspapers and advertising.

Level 2 — Work Hard

Shhh, don’t make noise, traders are busy here. Let’s go to the next Level.

Level 3 — Secret Room

Supreme access has been obtained! Now you can see the secret developments of how Byte Trading makes the life of its customers better.

*When viewing this scene, you automatically sign the NDA when you blink. haha!

Level 4 — Company Meeting

Oh, yes, we’re on time. We made it to the main event of the day, where the team discusses the news! Let’s see what they’re talking about. Moreover, we have the highest access.

Level 5 — Let’s chill

11 a.m., and they’re already chilling… Oh, these traders: they can afford it. Well, I’m tired of talking, I’m going to get myself a cocktail too. Will you have something too?

Level 6 — Let’s chill again! Omg.

By the way, traders will never get tired of resting. Therefore, they have fun as often as they can.

How about going to the vending machine? There’s something interesting there. Here you can click to get to know all the rich guys who paid for this expensive site!

Level 7 — Join Byte

Oh yeah, these guys never stop hiring. Let’s see what they have on vacancies.

Level 8 — Game changing meeting

The guys are so cool that they have several investors who want to accelerate their growth! Such guys are found only on the roofs of steep skyscrapers like Byte.

Level 9 — Yeah, it’s Byte Trading, baby!

our team

Egor Aniferyk


Katsia Dziatlova

Project Manager

Pavel Ivuts

Head of 3D arts

Danil Kuzmenkov

3D Artist

Dzmitryi Shatsila

3D Artist

Tatsiana Labko

Concept Artist

Dmitry Anufriev

Sound Designer

Third dimension studio

WebGL development

Nastia Naumenko

Lead UX/UI Designer

Veronika Yasulevich

Graphic Designer

Maya Kostenkova