The Born of Kryptoria. Video production for Kryptoria — an immersive map-based blockchain game


Kryptoria is an immersive map-based blockchain game, that encourages players to trade, fight for and spend resources, in order to dynamically upgrade their in-game characters.


Create a series of videos to promote the project before going into open beta-testing.

case type

Strategy, Creative production, Art production


Sometimes, just the story of a game is not enough to promote it. In order to immerse potential players in your world, you need something more. Get ready, we’re diving into our semi-utopian parallel universe.

Kryptic, 2045

Let’s introduce you to the main characters: Kryptorians and Dagens.

Kryptonians work together in search of building the best future for Web 3. They are powerful, organized and relentless in their pursuit of financial gains.

Dagens prefer to operate with more autonomy, but always with their shared belief that Web 3’s higher purpose is that of creation, empowerment and an individualistic journey of enlightenment.

Everything has changed: people, values, goals. But everything remained unchanged for the DAMNN! team. The main purpose in all worlds is to do work efficiently, to help and promote.

The main game plots were provided to us in the form of 2d art, which then turned into a whole animated story. We made each scene a small puzzle of the wider universe.

This story will not leave anyone out. Scroll through your standard Twitter feed, and stumble on the Kryptoria’s history… The only thought that will play on you mind will be: “What will happen next?”

Even in a parallel universe, the DAMNN! team will make sure that everything is at the highest level!

our team

Maya Kostenkova

Сreative Producer

Katsia Dziatlova

Project Manager

Zhenya Maksimchyk

Lead 2D Artist

Diana Makaevskaya

2D Artist

Ramil G

Lead VFX artist

Artsem Bautrukevich

2D Animator & Editor

Todd Kozinka

Voice Over Actor

Matas Rusilas

Sound Designer