BoomVerse. NFT game collection for Banger — a blockchain-powered gaming platform


Banger is a gaming platform and community powered by blockchain that provides users with an array of earning possibilities in multiple games through one global gaming currency.


Create a 2D NFT collection of 10000+ pieces using the company’s mascot.

case type

Creative production, NFT production.


Have you ever thought about your company’s mascot visiting all the most popular movies and game universes? No? Now it’s time to think about it.

Meet Boomer. But thanks to us now it’s Spider-Boom, Witchoomer, Barry Pooter and more extraordinary unique characters.

Each NFT character is filled with a love of movies, comics, cartoons and games. Meet our human avatars that make it all happen. Our strategists, creatives, marketers, project managers and graphic artists.

There are more than 10,000 different variations
of characters in this collection, which gives huge scope for imagination.

Some of the highlights included, Gryffindor, Robin Hood becoming a Witcher, Captain Jack Sparrow becoming a robot, and Eric Cartman trying on the costume of Dr. Octopus?

Yes! Anything is possible in our collection.

our team

Egor Aniferyk

Creative Producer

Kate Dziatlova

Project Manager

Nastia Naumenko

Head of Graphic Design

Pavel Abadouski

2D Artist

Andrew Levchenko

2D Artist

Tatsiana Labko

Head 2D Arts

Artsem Bautrukevich

Motion Designer