The Traders. NFT collection for Byte Trading — an algorithmic market maker in digital assets


Byte trading is an algorithmic market maker in digital assets. It creates liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized exchanges.


Create a 3D NFT collection of 10000+ pieces.

case type

Creative production, NFT production, Strategy


Bulls, bears, sheep, pigs are not only the characters of the “Happy Farm”, but also the characters of our incredible NFT collection “Traders”. Each of them is charismatic, dressed to the nines, and a professional in his field.

Many people want to feel like a character in “The Wolf of Wall Street” movie. The good news is that in order to achieve this goal, it’s not necessary to begin understanding investments, securities and finance.

Our team has already figured it all out and created the most interesting and accurate trading collection. Now you can become a first-class trader just by looking at the characters, of which there are more than 10,000. There are many traders, but each of them is unique.

Trading is always a risk, but why take the risk if you can trust DAMMN! team and be guaranteed to get what you need!

our team

Egor Aniferyk


Kate Dziatlova

Project Manager

Pavel Ivuts

Head 3D arts

Danil Kuzmenkov

3D Artist

Dzmitryi Shatsila

3D Artist

Tatsiana Labko

Concept Artist

Nastia Naumenko

Graphic designer

Maya Kostenkova